Sunday, March 13, 2011

University Student Life

An over view of an engineering
university student life

Life, a gift of Allah to human, gifted purposefully to worship Him, obey His Sayings besides that working for development of mankind is major objective of humans’ life and one is accountable before Allah for this life. Life has three phases to pass on, student life at university is middle phase of one’ life, full of joy as well as learning, as before this period one is at immature stage and next to is fully matured stage of life, asking for ------------------------------.

This phase of life is responsible for one’ remaining life and more importantly for the countries future, therefore it is a serious issue to be over viewed or discussed.
Engineers play heart like role in the countries’ development in the modern world as the modern world is in race of technologies which ultimately ask for best engineers to withstand in the race. In Pakistan there are 11 Public Engineering Universities, three of which belong to province of sindh amongst which Mehran UET Jamshoro is on top of list issued by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, yearly producing hundreds of engineers in seventeen different technologies.
Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology, has been ideal university for students of country particularly province of sindh, every student of the province dreams to join this university when he is at intermediate level, but only about one thousand students out of 9 thousands receive admission letters on merit bases, students who find their ways in this university are really proud of themselves, think that they have done their jobs, in fact true job is still about to start.
Students first to visit to university takes place on the day of interview for admission, here majority of students get confused about what they had heard and what they watch that time as administration building of university give an impression of museum like building but they become really surprised and contented when they watch their departments. First day as student at university is a day of proud for students, which with itself takes away all joy and proud of students as that day they are demonstrated about their true jobs at university auditorium and there by they directed to their respective departments assigned earlier.

Students remain at university campus from 9:00am to 3:00pm having very tough schedule of classes, with no breaks four to six classes of one hour are to be attended by students daily and teachers are bound to complete their course in utmost fifty two 52 classes, therefore every teacher tries his level best to complete their teaching plan before time so as student may get some time for course revision, but, this in turn becomes very hard time for students to concentrate on all of their subjects equally.

Especially first year students suffer most in the university as they are junior most as their classes schedule is also very scattered because of their course design, their experimental work is carried at different departments like Textile Engineering students need to attend their practical’ classes 2.5 kilometers away at Mechanical department for Thermodynamics and workshop practice subjects, Electrical department for Basic Electrical engineering subject and electronics department for basic electronics and English department for English language classes. This results in a lot of disturbance and stresses to new guys that university needs to take care of. As after sixteen weeks of study regular university exams take place which run for four weeks, regular exams are conducted twice a year by university.

In second year students just get bit relaxed from running one department to another and try to concentrate on their respective fields, attend their practical classes with interest within department as practical work increases the interest students, for this sake university is trying to arrange the laboratories with latest and best machinery for students. Weekly test or presentation works the students busy in working hard for their future, different activities like technical seminars, exhibitions and industrial visits planned by university keep entertain students besides effective learning, also boost up their confidence and working efficiency. In second year students for first time are sent for industrial trainings at different industries in country, there they get trainings at production scale and become familiar with actual scale of working of an engineer.

In third and final years, students try to concentrate more on their fields as they come closer each day to their practical lives, at this stage they also better understand their studies as they had been through industrial trainings, which excite them to work hard and prove abilities in the best possible ways they can. In this period student keep visiting different industries for getting optimum practical knowledge about their respective fields, take efforts for getting high number of marks in the exams and participate in different activities Inter-University games, debates and quiz competition etc in order to remain active in all fields of life. In due time all Pakistan tour is also arranged for students by university, besides enjoying students visits different universities during tour, observe other students and compare themselves with those students, Eventually with completion of third year of study students become so capable that they design projects in final year which not only fulfills demands of degree but also are mostly very beneficent for the Industries which in turn create job opportunities for them.

In the end students celebrate one week that is their last week of study and memorize all moments of this week, the week starts with cheers and ends with tears floating on the faces of the students, this way with end of the week , students’ life comes to end to welcome final phase life i.e. practical life (true life), the life full of adventures.

Engineer Syed Noor Mustafa Shah Jeelani